I am drawn to the image of the goddess, which affirms a creative, balanced connection to the natural world, and the presence of this Divine Feminine as the source of all life is a central theme in my work.

The mandala is the sacred circle that reflects the universal connection of all life. To me it is a limitless symbol and I often draw this shape when beginning 
a painting.

Light and shadow, color and texture - it is all there for the viewing. The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina are the inspiration and background for much of my work.

Who can say of a particular sea that it is old? Distilled by the sun, kneaded by the moon, it is renewed in a year, in a day, or in an hour.  -Thomas Hardy

Walking along the beach is always a source of inspiration and new images.

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Paintings by Karen Noel
Paintings by Karen Noel
Paintings by Karen Noel